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We are a wholesale, distributor of Petrol, Electric, &  Nitro RC Cars we also dropship. RC cars are normally catagorised into three catagories those being - nitro rc cars, petrol rc cars and electric rc cars and then in 1/5, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/16 Scale.People also often call these Remote Control Cars, Radio Controlled or RC for short


For the beginner venturing into rc cars for the first time we reccomend Electric cars which are often the easiest to use. Nitro rc cars are genrally considered a hobby product that need a little understanding however once mastered the nitro rc cars are fantastic.


Finally the petrol rc cars run on straight petrol and oil from the petrol station but are much bigger than the nitro ones so are the most expensive kind of car. Have a look through this catagory and see what takes your fancy.

Wicked Distribution are a trade supplier, wholesaler, importer and dropship dropshipper of Radio Controlled Toy Helicopters, also refered to as RC HELIS. Radio Controlled Helicopters are supplied as 2 channel or 2ch for short. 3 Channel or 3ch for short and 4 Channel all the way upto 6 Channel. Currently we only stock rc helicopters in the 2channel and 3 channel catagory as they are considered entry level. 


3ch RC Radio Controlled Helicopters are as simple as forwards, backwards left and right, whereas the more complicated 4ch, 6ch helicopters are more of a hobby enthusiats product and become much more difficult to fly with good understanding of avionics needed.


Radio Controlled Rc Helicopters in the 3ch catagory are often a fatastic gift or entry level helicopter for an enthusiast in the making

Wicked Distribution are a trade supplier, wholesaler, importer and dropship dropshipper of Radio Controlled boats , also refered to as RC boats. Radio Controlled boats


Radio Controlled rc boats are as simple as forwards, backwards left and right, and will soon be availible as brushless rc boats. Brusless remote controlled rc boats are very fast and require fast reactions when used in small water holes.


Radio Controlled Rc boats are a fantastic gift for when your feeding the ducks!

Wicked Distribution are a supplier, wholesaler, importer and dropship dropshipper of Radio Controlled rc tanks , As a leading distributor of RC tanks referred to also as Radio Controlled tanks. 


For the enthusiast we offer the Pro Range of Tanks which offer Full metal gearbox's and metal catapiller tracks. 


The range of tanks we supply are from Heng Long, a long established factory offering a superior product. Remote Controlled Tanks come 1:16 Scale and offer full 360 degree turning turrets and fire BB Pellets.

Wicked Distribution is a dropshipper and trade supplier of RC Nitro powered cars these burn a fuel that is a mixture of nitro methane, methanol and oil.


Rc Nitro powered cars can reach higher speeds more easily, but they take longer to accelerate. This is because nitro powered engines work more like the kind of engine one finds in a car and the engine needs to get enough speed for the clutch to engage. Nitro powered cars can run for hours on one gallon of fuel and their engines can be refilled quickly.

RC Nitro powered cars can go for longer without being refueled or recharged, and refueling is much faster for a nitro powered car than for an electrically powered remote control car. Nitro powered cars are loud and the fuel has oil in it, which can coat the cars Nitro engine . These cars tend to have more damage from wear and tear and, because of their higher speeds, tend to have more damaging collisions

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