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Wholesale HPI Racing Flux Warp 5700Kv Brushless Motor

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HPI Racing Flux Warp 5700Kv Brushless Motor
  Photo gallery
HPI Racing Flux Warp 5700Kv Brushless Motor
HPI Racing Flux Warp 5700Kv Brushless Motor
Photo slideshow
HPI Racing Flux Warp 5700Kv Brushless Motor.pdf
Rec. retail price:  £109.98
Carton quantity:  12 units

For the ultimate in power, speed and long run times, you'll want the Flux Warp 5700kV Brushless Motor from HPI!

The Warp 5700 is the top choice for nearly all 1/10th scale electric touring car, buggy and trucks. You can go super-fast on the track and get those blazing speed runs with the same motor! With a standard 6-cell NiMH battery pack or 2S LiPo (7.4 volt) pack you can get up to 40mph with just the standard gearing! With up to 8 NiMH cells or a 3S LiPo (11.1v) pack* and higher gearing (using a smaller spur gear and larger pinion), you can get up to 60mph, perfect for massive track or insane speed runs. When geared correctly, the Warp 5700 is equivalent to a high quality 9-turn or 10-turn brushed motor using 6 NiMH cells - a very powerful motor!

The Warp 5700 features:
1. Powerful, high-speed brushless motor
2. Excellent pairing of huge power and extraordinary efficiency
3. Same size as standard 540-size motor
4. Sleek black-anodized aluminium casing
5. Zero maintenance design
6. External solder tabs for easy wire replacement
7. Oversized precision ball bearings for long life
8. High Torque/ High Temperature Neodymium rotor
9. Slotless stator design delivers smooth, linear torque
10. Easy 4-point mounting for convenient installation
11. Longer run times than a comparable brushed motor
12. Easily rebuildable with bearings and rotor being user-replaceable
13. Compatible with any sensorless ESC

*If using an 8-cell NiMH or 3S LiPo battery pack with the Warp 5700, you will need to use a suitably powerful brushless speedo. Please check the spec of the speedo you plan to use. The Motiv can handle 3S LiPo power with a 4600Kv motor, but not 3S power with a 5700Kv motor.

The Flux Brushless System is HPI's answer to hobbyists and racers who want a powerful, versatile and affordable brushless motor system. The Warp motors are extremely powerful, very durable and highly efficient to get you going on the road to victory! HPI Warp motors are sensorless type motors, so there are fewer wires to worry about, and less hassle for you. You can get the Motiv ESC and Warp motor in a set, or buy them separately to outfit all your electric vehicles with brushless power!

Flux Warp motors must be used with a brushless electronic speed control that is suitable for sensorless motors.

Motor and Battery Combinations

The Flux Brushless System can handle a wide range of motors and battery types - please make sure that you use the right combination


  • When fitted with the Flux Warp 5700 motor or other motors with 5700Kv of power, you can use up to 8 normal NiMH cells or a 2S LiPo battery.
  • When fitted with a motor with 4600Kv of power, you can use up to 12 NiMH cells or a 3S LiPo battery.
  • The term Kv refers to the number of RPMs that the motors will try to deliver per volt applied, and is a standard term for brushless motor power.
•  Pictures are for illustration purposes and in some cases may have slight variations from actual product!

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